House of Healin Franchise in Malaysia: Investment costs, application process, contact details

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House of Healin franchise MalaysiaHouse of Healin is one of the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs who wants to start Health Care & Beauty franchise in Malaysia. House of Healin is owned by Eastern Biotech Resources Sdn Bhd (EBRSB) group which commenced its business in 1996 is a leader in the global marine based beauty and healthcare supplements in Malaysia. Let's have a look on how to start House of Healin franchise in Malaysia, initial start-up costs, royalty fees, requirements, application process and more!

Why to franchise with House of Healin, Malaysia?

House of Healin is so popular in Malaysia for its unique high quality therapeutic products which are marine based using purified extract of Gamodulin and Advanced Skin Care Technology (AG2000). The anti-aging and health supplement products from House of Healin shows healthy growth and provide solutions to skin diseases and common beauty problems.

Further House of Healin provides their franchisees with comprehensive training with professional retail support. House of Healin, leader in the beauty and healthcare franchise segment is in existence for more than 15 years, operates more than 259 national and international outlets. As the demand for marine based biotech products is steeply rising, there are plenty of scope for many more outlets and hence this is the right time for opening House of Healin which is one of the best franchise opportunities in Malaysia.

House of Healin franchise in Malaysia: Initial start-up cost, franchise fees and requirements

House of Healin offers three types of franchise outlets and based on that franchise fee is from 15000-50000 Malaysian Ringgit. The details of initial investment, area requirement, franchise fee and royalty payments are mentioned below.

The franchise fees for House of Healin outlet for 600-1200 square feet is RM50,000, for Small Outlet from size 150-599 square feet is RM 30,000 and for small outlet with less than 150 square feet it is 15,000 Malaysian Ringgit.

The royalty fees for House of Healin is 3 percent of gross sales which has to be paid monthly on the 7th of the following month.

The fees towards advertisement and promotion is 2 percent of gross sales to be paid monthly on the 7th of the following month.

Investment needed to start House of Healin Franchise for rental (1200 sq feet estimates)
RM 3,500 - RM7,000, for utilities deposit RM 1,500, for renovation RM 1,500 and RM 15,000 - RM60,000, for POS system RM 14,000, for stock (based on square feet) from RM 15,000 - RM40,000.

Requirements: The individual who wants to start House of Healin franchise should be above 21 years old and should not be a bankrupt. Should be capable enough to invest 50,000 Malaysian Ringgit as initial investment for House of Healin. Should have exceptional education background with computer literacy. They should not carry out any other similar business while they franchise with House of Healin.

House of Healin franchise Malaysia application process

To apply, visit House of Healin official website at and download the application form for House of Healin franchise. Duly fill the form and send it to the address mentioned below. If the requirements are satisfied, you will be called for an interview and upon approval, training will be provided at House of Healin franchise outlet.

House of Healin franchise Malaysia contact details

House Of Healin
No 1, Jalan Kartunis U1/47
Section U1, Temasya Industrial Park
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Telephone Contact: 603-5569 5580
Fax : 603-5569 5581


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