Rai Rai Ken franchise restaurant in Philippines: Investment costs, area requirements, contact details

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Rai Rai Ken Logo, Japanese franchise food chainLooking for opening a Rai Rai Ken franchise in Philippines? Rai Rai Ken is one of the most known Asian food franchise brands doing business in Philippines. They specialize in Japanese delicacy, especially Ramen. Learn how to start a Rai Rai Ken franchise, investment details like start up costs, franchise fees, royalty and so on, application process, contact details and more. Keep reading!

Why open a Rai Rai Ken franchise restaurant in Philippines?

Specializing in Japanese foods like Ramen, Rai Rai Ken is one of the most known food franchises in Philippines. Unlike other QSR restaurants, Rairaiken has developed a unique business model of their own that perfectly suits the present economic scenario of the country where high rent and high cost for utilities as well as salaries can be decisive factors. Also, new Rai Raiken stores just require a small business area, ranging from 50 to 70 square metres, at the same time being able to serve 40 to 70 customers at a time. Thus, Rairai Ken franchise restaurant start up investments as well as area requirements are relatively less as compared to other fast food and QSR franchises, leading to a quick recovery of starting capital and a stream of profit thereafter, not mentioning the ease of control and operation. All these have made Rai Rai Ken an excellent fast food franchise option in Philippines, or in the Asian franchise market in large.

Specialities of a Rai Rai Ken franchise: Product, place, price, and promotion

Rai Rai Ken leads the industry in terms of all the four Ps of marketing namely product, place, price, and promotion. They serve excellent Japanese food, especially Ramen, in a comparatively affordable price. Freshly cooked Japanese foods are served and the quality is ensured, as compared to traditional fast foods that are not so good for one's health. Also, the wallet friendly price range helps grow and maintain a wider customer base. Coming to the promotion part, Rai Rai Ken franchisees in Philippines can be assisted with a dynamic promotion of the brand through various media, extensive local store marketing, and great merchandising collaterals.

Rai Rai Ken franchise in Malaysia: Area requirements

The minimum space requirement for a Rai Rai Ken franchise restaurant, as the official website has mentioned, is 50 to 70 square metres. That equals to 538 to 753 square feet. So roughly we may say that if you own 500 to 1000 sq ft business area, you should be able to run a Rai-Rai Ken franchise in Malaysia. Nevertheless, you also need to make sure that your premise is located in a high footfall commercial or residential area. Preferably, it should be in the ground floor so that both pedestrians and motorists alike can have easy access to your outlet.

Rai Rai Ken franchise fees in Philippines

Rai Rai Ken franchise fee is 1,000,000 Philippine Peso. The franchise term is for five years, which can be renewed with mutual agreement after a successful completion of the tenure. In return, you will have the right to use the nomenclature, trademark, and systems of the Rai Rai Ken brand. Apart from site selection approval, you will also be assisted before and during the opening of your Rai Rai Ken restaurant in Philippines. The franchisors would also arrange classroom and hands-on trainings for you, and provide you with their operations manual, marketing and advertising support, as well as business consultancy. You will also be helped in field visits. Apart from that, by paying the franchise fees of Ken Ken Rai, you will also have the right to use their proprietary products and supplies at a wholesale price.

Estimated Investment for Rai Rai Ken franchise: Start up costs, service fee

The estimated cost of Rairai Ken franchise investment will be around 4M to 5M. Please note that there is an ongoing service fee which is 3 percent of the gross recorded sales. Also, you will also have to pay advertising fees that are 2 percent and 1 percent of gross sales, for system wide and local store marketing. For more details, please visit the official website of Rai Rai Ken, or email franchise inquiries team.


How to apply for Rai Rai Ken franchise in Philippines / Asia?

Any franchise inquiries should be directed to the email address listed below. Please get in touch with Mr. Jonathan A. Estavillo, the contact person for Rai Rai Ken franchise in Philippines.

Rai Rai Ken Franchise Contact Details: Name, email address, mobile number of contact person

Wondering whom to contact for becoming Rai Rai Ken franchise in Philippines? If you have any questions about how to apply for Rai-rai Ken franchise, application process details, or any other contacts, you may please call or write an email to the contact person noted below.

Mr. Jonathan A. Estavillo
Mobile (+63906) 320-2283 / (+63932) 2648150

Manila Office: 2877 Finlandia Street, corner Newton St. Makati City
Tel. nos. (02)8893664 / 8857912


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