How to start a McDonald's Franchise in Asia: Investment costs, contact details

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Logo of McDonalds, franchise based QSRDo you want to open a McDonald's franchise in Asia? McDonald's is a brand that does not require any introduction in the global franchise market. Nevertheless, it may not always be possible to open a McDonald's franchise in Asia. In some countries, McDonald's franchise is already there but is not seeking additional franchisees. In some other, McDonald's franchise model is not present at all and they are rather interested to focus on the existing markets. So, how to find out whether McDonald's franchise is available in your country or not?

How to know McDonald's franchise status in my country

Well, to find out whether it is possible to open a McDonald's franchise in your country or not, please visit the official McDonald's International Franchising website at www dot aboutmcdonalds dot com and visit the official webpage for international McDonald's franchise opportunities at mcd/franchising/international_franchising dot html. Alternatively, we are giving here the summary of McDonald's franchise requirements and status in certain Asian countries in one place here for your convenience. Find out whether opening McDonald's franchise in your Asian country is possible or not; if yes, start one!

How to start McDonald's franchise in Malaysia: Application process, investment details

Opening a McDonald's franchise in Malaysia is possible; McDonald's Malaysia is looking for dynamic local entrepreneurs to open franchise restaurants of McDonald's in Malaysia. You may open a brand new restaurant, or buy an existing one. The estimated investment cost of McDonald's franchise in Malaysia can be anywhere between RM 2 million to RM 4.5 million. For more information like break up of investment costs, area requirements, application process, and contact details, please visit McDonald's franchise in Malaysia.

Can you open a McDonald's franchise in Singapore?

Unfortunately, you cannot open a McDonald's franchise in Singapore. McDonald's Corporation in Oak Brook, USA, completely owns it; therefore, McDonald's Singapore is not available for local franchising. Please look out for McDonald's franchise opportunities in other countries, or keep checking the aforementioned official website from time to time to find out whether McDonald's franchise in Singapore would be available for local entrepreneurs in future or not.

About McDonald's franchise in Indonesia / Hong Kong / Kuwait

McDonald's already have a franchisee in Indonesia and they are not looking for additional franchisees at present. Nevertheless, if you are interested in leasing out your property to McDonald's franchise in Indonesia, you may please email them, furnishing all the relevant details, at franchise.inquiries at us dot mcd dot com and it will be duly forwarded to the existing McDonald's franchisee in Indonesia.

The same applies for McDonald's franchise in Hong Kong and Kuwait. They already have a franchisee in Hong Kong, and in Kuwait, and are not looking for additional people; however, you may still rent out your place to the existing McDonald's franchisee in Hong Kong and Kuwait. If you are interested, write to franchise.inquiries at us dot mcd dot com.

How to start McDonald's franchise in China: Investment, profits, application process

Do you want to open a McDonald's franchise restaurant in China? Being the most populous country in the world, the food and beverage market of China is a booming one. In China, McDonald's have several companies working for them and they are looking for additional francises. The first McDonald's in China was opened in 1990; nevertheless the world franchising giant did not go through the same route in the Chinese market because of high costs and some national regulations on franchising in general. The recruitment of McDonald's franchisees in China began on a serious scale in 2010. From 1990 to 2010, the number McDonald's franchise restaurants in China grew at an annual rate of 17 percent, which is relatively much lower than its other Asia Pacific markets. While McDonald's restaurants outnumber their closest rival, KFC, on a global basis, the latter has more outlets in the Chinese market. Thus, there is lot of scope for a McDonald's franchisee in China, and the company is looking for supersizing as well. If you are interested in the details of McDonald's franchise investment costs, application process and so on, please shoot an email to franchising.china at cn dot mcd dot com.


McDonald's franchise in India: Investments, start up costs, royalty fees, contact details

McDonald's do offer franchises in India where it has a presence for nearly two decades now. It may also be called one of the trendsetting giants in the Indian QSR industry. However, at present, McDonalds is not looking for additional franchisees in India. For more details, please visit McDonald's franchise in India in our Indian franchise business portal,

McDonald's franchise is yet to come in some other Asian countries

In the following countries, McDonald's have not set a firm date for starting franchise business operation; however, the company may welcome new franchisees. Or, McDonald's is not currently recruiting franchisees in some of these countries, nor has any plan to open franchise restaurants in foreseeable future; however, their strategy may change one day. These Asian countries, where you probably cannot open a McDonald's franchise right now, include: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Taijikistan, and so on.

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