Café Frespresso Franchise in Malaysia: Minimum investment costs and area requirements!

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Cafe Frespress Logo, franchise coffee shop in MalaysiaWant to open a franchise coffee shop in Malaysia but lack the budget to run after big brands? Originally from India, Café Frespresso franchise requires less investments and promises bigger returns. As the coffee chain market is suddenly looking very promising in the Southeast Asia, opening Cafe Frespresso franchise outlet in Malaysia may not be a bad business idea. Let us now see how to open a Frespresso franchise, cost of investment, area requirements, and other necessary details. Keep reading!

Why open a Cafe Frespresso franchise in Malaysia?

How much coffee can the Malaysians consume? There is Starbucks already, alongside the home brands Old Town White Coffee and Gloria Jeans. And yet, the scope for coffee shop franchise businesses in Malaysia does not look gloomy. All of the coffee is still hot out there, and newer ventures are opening up with lots of promises every day.

Café Frespresso is a coffee franchise from India, and has already proved its merit there, competing alongside bigger names like the Starbucks and the indigenous Cafe Coffee Day or Barista. If you are looking for a coffee franchise business with lowest cost in the segment, thanks to its economical business designs, customised for the local clientele nonetheless, Café Frespresso is the right franchise business option for you in Malaysia.

Live food preparations and guest loyalty programme are some of the USPs of Cafe Frespresso.

Franchise costs of Cafe Frespresso: Investment / area requirements

How much money do you need to open a Cafe Frespresso franchise in Malaysia? Cost of investment has not been clearly mentioned in the official website of the concerned brand, but from various sources a rough estimate can be made. As per our assumptions, supported by similar information in other leading franchise portals, the minimum estimated Cafe Frespresso franchise cost will be around 29 to 30 thousand Malaysian Ringgits. So, if you are looking for a franchise business in less than RM 30,000 to RM 40,000 (that means a franchise business in less than $10,000!), this is it.

Please note that we assumed you own the premise. The above estimation of Cafe Frespresso franchise investment in Malaysia does not include the cost of acquiring the space. You will need a minimum of 100-120 square feet area in a high footfall zone like a high street shop corner, a multiplex or shopping mall, within an institution etc. If you are looking for a franchise business idea for small premises, this is it.

Cafe Frespresso franchise application form: How to apply for Frespresso franchise in Malaysia?

There is no need to download Cafe Frespresso franchise application form or do any paperwork. If you are interested to become a franchisee, just visit the franchise contact page in the official website at the URL mentioned below. There you will find an application form, entitled Insta Apply. You will have to leave some basic details about yourself there like your name, email, address, phone number, city, state, available capital, start-up timeframe and so on. Once you submit the information, it will be reviewed by the Cafe Frespresso team. If they consider your application to become a potential franchisee, they will contact you back and you will have to sign the agreement documents and go through the franchise training programme before you can become a full-fledged business partner of Cafe Frespresso franchise coffee chain in Malaysia.


Contact details of Cafe Frespresso Head Office in India

Frespresso Hospitality Pvt Ltd
B-40, rcl, Koparli Road,
Vapi. 396195 GUJARAT, India
Ph +919714991002,+919898628887


Note: The URL of the franchise application page in the official website is www[dot]frespresso[dot]com[slash]franchise-enquiry.

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