Funky Fish franchise in Asia: Investment costs, requirements, application process, contact details

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Funky Fish FranchiseAre you looking for an international retail master franchise opportunity in Asia? Start Funky Fish, an international franchise based store concept is now available for Master Franchise in Asian countries. So if you want to open a Funky Fish franchise in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, India or in any other Asian countries you can do so. Before that, let us see in detail about Funky Fish franchise investments, how to open in your country, application process, requirements, how to apply for Funky Fish master franchise, expected ROI and so on.

About Funky Fish franchise: Is it a profitable business opportunity?

The brand Funky Fish originated from Palma de Mallorca, Spain is a concept store which sells an array of fashion accessories from head to toe for teenaged and young girl/women, gifts and pop items, novelty items, seasonal collections, back to school collections etc.

Founded in 1996, Funky Fish operates approximately 200 stores and approximately 300 points of sale across 25 countries including Spain, Croatia, Philippines, Greece, South Africa, France, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Cambodia, Bolivia, Vietnam.


As a master franchise of Funky Fish, you can use the Funky Fish Trademark, sell its broad range of products, rights to distribute via concept stores, sub-franchisees, shop-in-shop, Points of sale, advertising and promotional materials, product sourcing and an opportunity to buy directly from product manufacturer at factory prices. No doubt that Funky Fish franchise in Asia is a lucrative business opportunity.

Funky Fish franchise in Asia: Investment cost, requirements, expected profit

To open a Funky Fish franchise in Asia, the approximate investment would be around $100,000 USD. However, the start-up cost for Funky Fish franchise mentioned here varies which depends on the country and location of the city where the outlet is to be opened. Also depending upon your budget, you can take either become a master franchise or become a distributor, buy merchandise for your stores or open an individual Funky Fish Store. The expected return on investment for a Funky Fish franchise is 40%. The Funky Fish franchise term is for 5 years which is renewable upon request. The minimum carpet area required to open Chatime franchise is approximately 400 sqft to 500 square feet.

Funky Fish franchise application process and contact details

If you are interested in opening a Funky Fish franchise in your country, then you need to fill the form available at their official website mentioning the area of interest, the country which you want to open the Funky Fish franchise, your investment capacity etc. Upon receiving your application, you will be contacted by the representative of Funky Fish, who will assist further in getting the franchise.


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