Zagu franchise in Philippines: How to get Zagu Pearl Shake dealership, investments, requirements, expected profit?

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Zagu franchiseIf you are looking for a Pearl shake business in the Philippines, Zagu franchise is one the best option. Zagu Pearl Shake dealership is a royalty-free franchise opportunity. Sounds interesting? Read on further to know in detail about how to get Zagu pearl shake dealership in Philippines, investment package for Zagu franchise, the expected profit, requirements and more.

Is opening a Zagu franchise is a profitable business opportunity?

Wondering what's so exciting about Zagu franchise? Zagu is the leader in the pearl shake business in the Philippines which was launched in April 1999 and since then, Zagu has grown nationwide with a network of 446 outlets till date. Zagu franchise is one of the most popular food-beverage franchises of all time in the Philippines. The main product of Zagu is a variety of mixed shakes with tapioca pearls. Zagu works on a no franchise fee and no royalty model which means there is no need to pay substantial amounts as royalties in the future which are a boon for franchisees. Zagu's recognition is well seen through awards such as the People's Choice Award, National Consumers Excellence Awards, Most Outstanding Business Venture Award etc.


How to become an Authorized Dealer of Zagu Pearl Shake: Investments, requirements, expected ROI?

Zagu franchise is termed as Zagu Authorized Dealer and Zagu considers authorized dealers as partners. Anyone from a housewife to a bank executive, student to retiree can become a Zagu authorized dealer and also no prior experience is required. Zagu expects the dealer to be a dedicated, hardworking, competent and customer oriented persons.

Zagu offers two types of stores namely Indoor and Outdoor. Indoor stores can be of Stall, Kiosk, Standard Cart. Outdoor stores include Roadside stall, Roadside Kiosk. The approximate investment package for Zagu dealership is between P450,000 - P600,000 which is absolutely a low cost franchise business opportunity. The investment package includes operational cost, cart construction cost, initial inventory, equipment, crew uniform, signage, insurance and service crew training. What's better is Zagu does not charge franchise fees or royalty fees for letting the dealers use the company trademark and logo and ROI is within a year.

How to apply for Zagu franchise or the steps involved in Zagu authorized dealership?

As stated above as an authorized dealer of Zagu, it offers a lot of benefits such as no royalty fees, no franchise fees, low-cost franchise investments etc. So if you are interested in taking up a refreshing pearl shake business Zagu dealership, here is the procedures to get Zagu franchise.

To apply for Zagu authorized dealership, the applicant must fill out the initial questionnaire form available at The application will be evaluated and if qualified will be scheduled for an initial interview. If qualified then the applicant have to pay Php10,000 in cash or dated cheque as a cash bond. The authorized dealer must submit proposed located with the letter of intent. If the proposed location is approved, a letter of approval will be issued. After which follows the payment of investment and signing of authorized dealer agreement. After this, construction of the stall or kiosk takes place followed by business orientation, service crew training, pick up of stocks, store opening etc.

Contact details of Zagu franchise / dealership

If you have any further queries about Zagu franchise you may contact Zagu directly for which the details are as below.

Zagu Contact Details:
Zagu Food Corporation
Address:#52 West Capitol Drive, Bo.
Kapitolyo Pasig City, Philippines.

For Zagu Dealership you may contact Authorized Dealer Department at the following numbers.
Local: 150 or 113
Mobile Number: 0918 - 8889248.


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