How to get Selecta Ice Cream franchise / distributorship in Philippines: Investments, returns, requirements, application procedure

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Selecta Ice Cream franchiseAre you interested in selling Selecta Ice Cream Products in the Philippines? The brand Selecta is a dairy product owned by RFM Corporation while its ice cream business is operated under a joint venture with Unilever Philippines Inc. When it comes to ice cream, the brand that would come to the mind of Filipinos is Selecta. Do you want to be the distributor of Selecta Ice Cream products in the Philippines? Then read on to know about how to get Selecta dealership, investments, and requirements, how to apply for Selecta Ice Cream distributorship, contact details and various other details you might have been looking for.

Why open a Selecta Ice Cream franchise in the Philippines?

Generally, Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts are consumed not only to cool down but to trigger the happy hormones and to uplift the mood. The Philippines is a region which has a tropical climate, ice cream is consistently consumed year-round. When it comes to ice cream, Selecta is the Filipinos pride and is one of the top brands in the category.


The brand Selecta is founded by Ramon Arce in 1948 which has produced the best tasting ice cream in the country using the finest ingredients fresh carabao's milk, local fruits and nuts in the ice cream and it has become so popular for its creaminess, authentic flavors and gold can packaging. Later in 1990, RFM Corporation acquired the Selecta brand and under its ownership, Selecta ice cream was improved and marketed aggressively and has become a well-known brand and favorite of many households. In 1999, RFM teamed up with Unilever Philippines, Inc. the world's largest ice cream company. Excellent products, innovative ice cream flavors, reasonable price, nationwide distribution, strong brand recognition makes Selecta the most dominant ice cream brand in the Philippines.

So as a Selecta distributor or by selling Selecta ice cream products in your stores no doubt you can have a solidly profitable business opportunity where you can keep customers coming back. Do you want to sell Selecta ice cream products in your stores or want to know how to become Selecta distributor, investments, and requirements? Keep reading!

How to get Selecta Ice Cream distributorship / franchise? Investments, requirements, cost of Selecta dealership in Philippines

Investment for Selecta Ice Cream products is minimal as Selecta Ice Cream is a low-cost franchise opportunity which will surely give you a fair return on investment. To get Selecta distributorship, you require less than 200 square feet of carpet area and you should be the resident and owner of the property location. As a dealer of Selecta ice cream, you will be provided with modern refrigeration equipment, the point of sale materials, world-class training and support by the franchisor. To apply for Selecta Ice Cream distributorship you may contact them directly for which the contact details of Selecta is given below.

Contact details of Selecta Ice Cream Philippines

The Mobiling Group, Uniliver RFM Ice Cream Inc.
Manggahan Light Industrial Park
A. Rodriguez Avenue, Bo.Manggahan
Pasig City 1611, Philippines
Hotline: (02) 646-2324


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