Hot and Roll Franchise: Malaysian fast food franchise investment costs, area requirements, ROI

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Hot and Roll Malaysian fast food franchise logoHot&Roll, popularly called Hot and Roll, is a notable fast food franchise business in Malaysia. If you are looking for wholesome tasty foods that can be enjoyed in the go, anytime and anywhere, then Hot and Roll is the best answer to your taste buds. The best part about this brand is that they cater to both Malaysian and international customers, so as the owner of a Hot and Roll franchise business your sales will increase. Their trademark crispy, paratha and chapatty wraps can be consumed any time on the day and on the move. Let us now try to find out some details about Hot and Roll franchise, set up costs, investment sincluding franchise fees, area requirements, procedure for setting up Hot & Roll franchise business and so on. Keep reading!

Why open a Hot & Roll fast food franchise restaurant in Malaysia?

The fast food franchise businesses in Malaysia are growing in a rapid pace like the rest of the world, and opening a QSR restaurant chain that caters to both the typical Malaysian as well as the international taste can indeed be very rewarding. Moreover, there are three plans or concepts for becoming a Hot and Roll franchisee, which vary in terms of investment and area requirements, so you can actually tailor your business according to the space you have and the money you can invest. The modular operation concept empowers you for a humble beginning with a Hot and Roll food stand which you can expand to a full-fledged kiosk later on. Let us now look into more details like space requirements for Hot and Roll franchise for all the three plans, investment costs, franchise royalty fees, duration of franchise agreement for Hot and Roll franchise, minimum number of staff, outlet development cost, and so on.

Malaysian fast food franchise Hot and Roll area or space requirements

The best part of opening a Hot and Roll fast food franchise is that you can begin with very little space. Concept 1 plan allows you to open a counter with as less as 80-90 square feet space, which makes it a great choice among low space franchise businesses (check out all franchises businesses that need minimum space). If you have slightly more space (about 90-120 square feet), you should better opt for Concept 2. For people having an even larger premise, it makes sense to go for the Concept 3 for which more than 121 square feet space is required.


Hot and Roll fast food franchise investment costs in Malaysia, franchise royalty fees, security deposit

The money required to start a hot and roll franchise in Malaysia consists mainly of franchisor royalty fees, security deposit, and outlet development costs. The franchisee fee for all the three plans listed above (Concepts 1, 2, and 3) are 10000, 15000, and 20000 RM respectively. The security deposit is 10000 RM for all three plans. Overall, the outlet development cost is going to be 69000 and above for Concept 1, 85000 and above for Concept 2, and 120000 and above for Concept 3 (all figures are in RM). Please note that the outlet development cost for Hot and Roll franchise includes the franchisee fee and the security deposit. The minimum number of staff required is 2, 3, and 4 respectively, apart from the owner.

For Concept 1, cent percent of the Hot and Roll franchise investment cost has to be paid prior to the beginning of the mandatory training programme. For Concepts 2 and 3, 80% of the cost has to be paid in advance before training, and the remaining 20% is to be paid before you open your fast food franchise outlet. Please note that costs for installation of grease strap, water pump system, electrical wirings, any additional renovation that you might want to make, stock for your first week, additional transportation charges, travel and other costs for the franchisee staff during the training period, lodging and travel costs for the franchisor representatives while installing your kiosk etc. are not included in mentioned outlet development cost but you should also take note of them while calculating required investment for a Hot and Roll franchise in Malaysia.

Hot and Roll Malaysia: Franchise contact details

For further information regarding how to get a Hot & Roll franchise in Malaysia, you may visit their official website at www [at] hotandroll [dot] com, or contact them via their official Facebook page @hotandrollmalayasia. The phone number of Hot and Roll Malaysia is
+60 3-6140 5088.


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