Chicking franchise opportunity in Malaysia: Start up costs, requirements, application process

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Chicking franchiseThinking of starting a fried chicken business like KFC? Opening a Chicking franchise in Malaysia can be a profitable franchise opportunity. Probably you may not be heard of Chicking which is similar to KFC except this fast-growing QSR is from Dubai, UAE established in the year 2000. To know more about Chicking franchise cost, investments, expected profit, requirements and other details, keep reading!

Why to start a Chicking in Malaysia? Franchisor Profile

Chicking is the first fully Halal international QSR brands which serve fresh, great tasting food at a pricing that is affordable by the masses. Chicking is a fun and energetic brand which caters to chicken, beef, vegetarian and pasta lovers alike. The firm has a loyal customer base serving more than 500,000 customers per month. Chicking has shown a rapid growth with more than 80 outlets and is extremely popular in 6 countries and now due to high demand has its eyes set on global expansion. This is the right time to become a franchisee of this quality brand, and starting chicking franchise is indeed a profitable franchise opportunity in Malaysia.


Chicking franchise investments, expected profit, requirements

The ideal franchisee of Chicking should have a passion and desire to own the brand and just not be another reseller. The franchisee should have a sound financial background with readiness to build a team.

The concept of Chicking is easily adaptable to a variety of retail spaces and can be used in most settings like kiosks, standalone, food courts, dine-in restaurants, drive-thru facilities. The space required to start Chicking franchise is minimum of 400 sq.ft to 600 sq.ft for a food court and for a standalone minimum of 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft of the property is required.

Moderate investment is required to open a Chicking franchise in Malaysia, but however expected ROI is worth the investment. The company has no mention of the franchise cost for Chicking in Malaysia. But as per US standards, one requires $1.5 million to $3.5 million. There is a royalty fee of 8 percent of net sales. One can expect a profit margin of 50%.

Chicking franchise in Malaysia: Available locations

In Malaysia, there are about 9 outlets located at Kedah, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan and more outlets on various locations are to be opened on an expansion plan.

Application procedure for Chicking franchise?

To apply for Chicking franchise visit, where you need to submit the online franchise application form along with your attached photo and personal profile. Upon reviewing your application you will be sent with Chicking market survey and site survey forms which you have to complete the details as requested. Then franchise package will be sent to you which contains franchise territory, duration, and investment. Upon satisfactory review on both the sides, MOU has to be signed by both the parties. After signing you need to pay the franchise fees etc. There will be a training session, followed by a grand opening of your franchised outlet.

Chiking franchise contact details, Email id, telephone number

For any other queries or to know more about Chicking franchise, here are the contact details.

20,22,24, Jalan Pandak Mayah 6,
Kuah 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-9698288
Email: contactus[at]chicking[dot]com[dot]my


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