Starting Bigasanko franchise in Philippines: Investments, requirements, application process

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Bigasanko franchiseIn the Philippines, meals seem to be incomplete without eating at least one rice meal and starting a Bigasanko franchise makes a lot of sense. Established in 2011, offers quality rice products at very affordable rates. There are about 53 stores nationwide and more are scheduled to open in the coming years. Let's see on how to franchise Bigasanko, investments, application process, expected profit and other details.

Is starting a franchise is a profitable business idea?

Rice is an important staple food in Asian Countries and especially Filipinos love to eat rice at least in one of there meals. So you can never go wrong in selling rice business as you have constant buyers already there. is the first and only rice retail and wholesale franchise business in the Philippines. They use the latest technologies and marketing strategies and they have partnered with huge rice mills who are in the business for decades. They are the first in the country to use commercial rice dispenser and a digital weighing scale for clean and accurate transactions. Bigasanko has about more than 53 outlets and more stores are scheduled to be opened in the coming years. The wide network, aggressive promotions and campaigns have made them a very competitive player in the market.

Apart from selling rice, Bigasanko franchise offers several other business opportunities including a loading station, bills payment services, money transfers through Western Union, money changer, airline ticketing and issuance of NSO documents and passport renewal. So as a franchise you will be getting seven business in one franchise package which means more income. So a rice retailing business in the Philippines with Bigasanko can be a smart move which offers huge business potential.


Bigasanko franchise investments, requirements, expected profit offers various franchise packages in the range of P250,000, P550,000, P750,000, P2.5 million, and P10 million. The kiosk model is the cheapest package which includes a small store, signage, a small rice dispenser and a digital weighing scale.

The standard franchise package includes 3’x7’ Panaflex Trade Name Signage, 3’x4’ Panaflex Trade Mark Signage, Soon to Open & Now Open Tarpaulins, 3000 pcs. Flyers and other media ads, BKC Price tags, use of 7 Type commercial Rice dispenser, 1 pc. Digital Weighing scale, 1 POS computer, 1 pc. Dot Matrix Printer, Sales and Inventory System, Initial Stock, NFA Accreditation and License for selling Commercial Rice Products.

For franchise package ranging from P750,000 and above, the store owners will have access to a special system which enables them to offer more services to customers like prepaid loading stations, bill payment centres, Western Union Money Transfer, airline ticketing, issuance of NSO documents and passport renewal. Each franchise package has a contract period of three years and they can just pay 50% of the total franchise fee at the time of renewal. So you need not pay more for your existing franchise. Also, Bigasanko franchise is a royalty-free business model.

With regard to profit, Bigasanko franchise is a 7 in 1 business opportunity that will guarantee a rewarding profit.

How to apply for Bigasanko franchise?

If you are interested, contact the head office and schedule a franchise orientation. Complete the application form and send a letter of intent along with location map of the proposed site, 2 copies of 2x2 id picture, photocopies of valid IDs and Signed MOU. Pay the reservation fee of P20,000. Then you will be scheduled for training other business preparations.

Contact details of franchise

If you would like to know more about franchise, you can reach them at the address mentioned below.
1318-D Ground Floor, Reza Building,
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Mobile No: (0917) 975 5084 / (0999)666-1836
Email id: apply[at]bigasanko[dot]com, info[at]bigasanko[dot]com.


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