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Chicking franchise opportunity in Malaysia: Start up costs, requirements, application process

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Chicking franchiseThinking of starting a fried chicken business like KFC? Opening a Chicking franchise in Malaysia can be a profitable franchise opportunity. Probably you may not be heard of Chicking which is similar to KFC except this fast-growing QSR is from Dubai, UAE established in the year 2000. To know more about Chicking franchise cost, investments, expected profit, requirements and other details, keep reading!

How to Start Jon Smith Subs franchise in Malaysia: Cost, investments & requirements

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Jon Smith Subs MalaysiaIf you are thinking of starting a sandwich shop in Malaysia, Jon Smith Subs is a fresh new business opportunity in the fast-casual dining segment in Malaysia. Jon Smith Subs is looking for individuals and companies in view of an expansion plan to open more locations worldwide. If you want to become the next Jon Smith Subs Master Licence partner, read on further to know about the investments, franchise cost, application procedure and other details you might be looking for.

How to start Bangi Kopitiam franchise in Malaysia: Investment costs, requirements, application process

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Bangi Kopitiam Franchise MalaysiaWant to start a coffee shop franchise in Malaysia? Bangi Kopitiam is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for a branded coffee shop franchise with low investments. Bangi Kopitiam is a local home grown food and beverage franchise in Malaysia which offers business ownership through the franchise model. Let's see in detail about Bangi Kopitiam franchise, investment and start-up costs, requirements, the expected profit, application process and more.

Papa John's Pizza franchise in Malaysia: Cost & investments, requirements, application process

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Papa John's Pizza franchise MalaysiaLooking to start Papa John's Pizza franchise in Malaysia? Papa John's Pizza is an American based QSR restaurant franchise is the third largest Pizza company in the world which started its first outlet in 1985. Now it has grown to more than 4800 restaurants worldwide. Papa John's Pizza has a strong presence in China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and so on. Let us see how to open Papa John's Pizza franchise in Malaysia, investment costs, application process, expected profit, contact details and more.

Petron Bulilit Station franchise / dealership in Philippines: Investment costs, application process, requirements

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Petron Bulilit Station Dealership PhilippinesAre you interested in getting dealership of Petron Bulilit Station in the Philippines? If you want to buy a Gas Station franchise with less investment cost, Petron Bulilit dealership is the right opportunity. Here is the detail information about Petron Bulilit Station franchise, investments required, ROI and other requirements to apply for Petron Bulilit dealership.

Pastamania franchise in Singapore: Start up cost, requirements, investment and application process

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Pastamania franchiseStarting a Pastamania franchise in Singapore is a best business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to open an Italian fast food restaurant. Pastamania in Singapore was started by an Englishman in 1998, who wanted to make Italian food at affordable rates. Read on to know how to get Pastamania franchise along with investments and requirements, franchise fees, royalty, expected profit, application process and more.

Eye Level Learning Center Franchise in Malaysia: Investment costs, requirements, application process

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Eye Level franchise Malaysia investmentsEye Level Learning Center is the global leader in supplemental education. Turn your passion into opportunity by owning an Eye Level Learning Center franchise in Malaysia, a smart business opportunity to invest, as the supplemental education industry is one of the fastest growing sector. Know how to become a Eye Level franchisee, start-up costs, expected return on investments, Eye Level Learning Center area requirements, application process and other details. Read on!

Oregano Restaurant Franchise in Middle East: Investment costs, requirements, contact details

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Oregano restaurant franchise Middle EastAre you interested to open Italian restaurant franchise in Middle East? Oregano franchise might be the right choice as Oregano is a successful Italian themed restaurant which is gaining popularity for its traditional Ligurian inspired dishes which attracts Italian cuisine lovers. Read on to know how to start Oregano restaurant franchise in Middle East, investment needed, franchise fees, royalty fees, space requirements and more.

How to start Marrybrown franchise in Malaysia: Investment costs, requirements, contact details

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Ayam Penyet AP franchiseOpening Marrybrown franchise in Malaysia is one of the best franchise opportunities as it is the biggest name in the fast food and Quick Service Restaurant market. Marrybrown is the first home-grown fast food chain in Malaysia. Marrybrown franchise business model was adopted in the year 1986 and worldwide there are about 400 outlets of Marrybrown across Malaysia, Singapore, China and other countries.
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